Service Features

Ever felt threatened while going alone on a Delhi road? Call a drone to escort you to your desired destination and it would look after your safety. In case of any potential assault, the drone would raise an alarm, start the video feed and notify the nearby community and the local police.

Easy Access

Sign up to the HelpOnAir android app and get your account verified. Choose from the various plans we offer. Call a drone on a 20 minute notice from your app, at any hour of the day.

Maintain Your Privacy

Don't want to share your footages? You choose! Only in case of an assault, the video footage would be shared with the police. Our system will not keep track of your whereabouts and no human would monitor your activities, unless it isn't a life threatening situation for you.

Community App for Quick Support

Caught in a problematic situation? Use the HelpOnAir Android Application and instantly notify all nearby app-users, your friends & family and the police to ask for help. You can also call the drone for immediate help.

Call for Attention

Feel like you're being followed and the drone is unable to see the potential threat? Raise an alarm using the application and the drone would start the high pitch sirens and flashing lights to attract nearby people to bring help.

Lives saved
Alarms triggered
Drones Dispatched

How To Use

Install HelpOnAir Android application and get started

Sign up and pay to subscribe for services of your choice

Subscriptions save money as compared to calling a Drone-on-Demand.

Schedule your drone escort from your source to destination

A drone would reach your source location within 20 minutes, so plan accordingly.

In case of an emergency, use the app to trigger an alarm

The drone would cover your back, but even if it is unable to detect a threat first, manually trigger the alarm using he app.

Get help from the nearby people

The community help feature would notify the nearby app-users, your registered distress numbers and the police about your emergency. Optionally, you can also call the nearest drone.

For Helpers

Install the app today, and help someone in need. Get reward points upon successfully helping a person and share your scores on social media. Top performers also get digital certificates which can be shared on LinkedIn as community works.

For city governments.

Get access to admin panels and control the drones monitoring the city. Get access to footages in case of assaults for forensics and resolving cases. Deploy drones into areas with high crime density for surveillance.

Plans Built For Every One

Every woman desrves safety, and hence, we have plans suitable for all. If you're a late-night roamer, or a free soul who likes to party late or if your office timings confine you to the darker hours of the day, we've got you all covered! Let no man curb your freedom or disturb your mental peace. Gift a subscription to yourself and your loved ones today!

Rare Parties


Basic support for rare occasions

  • 60 minute total flight time
  • 5 Drone calls
  • 2 Emergency Drone Calls

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Basic support for more frequent users

  • 180 minute total flight time
  • 15 drone calls
  • 6 Emergency Drone Calls

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One time drone call for your help

  • 20 min flight time
  • Single time usage

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Have you always felt that it is unfair because you can't leave home at night with a sense of security in your mind? Do you think that it is unfair when you aren't allowed to go out alone because someone else out there doesn't know how to behave? Do you feel that it is unfair that people out there have the power to influence your dressing sense and you aren't left with many choices? Stop this unjustice today! Break the chains and move around freely with an assurance of safety!

For parents: Do you feel uncomfortable sending your daughters out alone on Delhi streets? Delhi has the highest sexual crime rate. Around 40% of rape cases in India happen in Delhi alone. It is almost impossible for police to be present everywhere, and it also becomes hard for you to accompany your daughters everywhere. So why not simply gift her a subscription of HelpOnAir, and let our drone system take care of her while she enjoys her freedom, and you may rest carefree.
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